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As noted in above, Timothy McCullough’s former clients, Bart & Kathryn Sutherin have withdrawn from the sham federal lawsuit (CSBS, et al v. Dwight C.

Schar, et al case #5:17-CV-86-OC-40-PRL) and others filed by Timothy McCullough against the owner and developer of Bella Collina. McCullough also represents or represented each and every plaintiff originally named in the federal case, including the Sutherins, and in multiple state court cases at both the trial and appellate levels. To date, the developer of Bella Collina, and or the Bella Collina POA have been the prevailing party in nearly every aspect of litigation against McCullough’s and his clients. As of the date of the apology letter that was uploaded for this post, more than half of the original Plantiffs named in the original federal complaint filed by McCullough, have actually quit the case completely.

Furthermore, his initial co-counsel in the federal case withdrew almost immediately. Now that firm’s successor and brand new co-counsel has actually requested to withdraw as well from this case after only a few months in the case. What kind of message does that send ? It is very telling I must say.

All of the defendants named in the federal case have either filed or joined in motions to dismiss the federal case and asked the court to abstain from excersing jurisdiction over the case because of identical McCullough filed cases in the state courts which have already been completed in actions that predate the federal case. The owner and developer of Bella Collina is providing this information to the public in this forum and in others in an effort show that Timothy McCullough’s salacious and false statements should be completely dismissed as his former clients have admitted that this entire case and others filed by him are a complete sham.

Reason of review: Filing sham lawsuits.

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Preferred solution: Dismissal of lawsuit and damages awarded to defendants .

I didn't like: Filing sham lawsuits, Lying in court.

  • Timothy Mcculough Florida Lawyer
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As residents of Bella Collina, we have been distressed with this false and shocking accusations leveled at the developer DCS and the folks at the POA. The things this crazy Lawyer has said about these fine people have ranged from extortion to murder!

What a bunch of nut jobs! From what we have been told, this crazy lawsuit is nearing and the whackos that started this nonsense will probably leave, thank god!

The people at the POA and DCS have done a wonderful job of turning Bella around, thanks! We could not be happier with our situation here now.

to Richard #1430198

We heard about this just before we bought and realized that this was nothing but a bunch of pissed off lot owners who got tackled for not paying their bills like the rest of us were doing! Go get em’ Bella Collina and make them do the right thing like the rest of us.


I have been following this case with great concern as my father owns a lot in Bella Collina and we are very happy we did not join this lawsuit as I was most suspicious from the very start. My father is from China (Hong Kong) and I am in the US as a lawyer.

Nothing this man said made any sense to me at all. It all seemed very hollow at best.

I am happy with what the owners and the POA have done at Bella Collina and the good news is that our lot value is back where it was. Good job people and keep up the good work.


My subjective opinion is that this lawyer seems like a first class idiot. How does one stay in business as a lawyer starting this kind of nonsense?


Why is anyone shocked over what this clown does? I looked up several rulings after he contacted us and this guy has had his *** handed to him so many times by state and fed courts... I am shocked that the fla bar has not yanked his license yet


Friends & Nieghbors, we want to thank you so much for all of the support you have given us throughout the years here at Bella Collina. Your comments of support are helpful in bringing a stop to abusive and fraudulent litigation brought on by Orlando Attorney Tim McCullough.

I encourage anyone who is interested, to look into the public record and see some of the latest crazy filings from this crackpot. If you have any questions, feel free to call if you would like to discuss this complaint that is not only an assault us, it is an assault on you, the Home Owner as well.

Randall F. Greene


to RFG #1407527

He contacted my wife and I and happy we stayed away from this nonsense. Good luck in winning Bella Collina.


Be careful everyone! McCullough is VERY sensitive. If he doesn't like what you say, he will sue you faster than the church of Scientology!


Good for you Bella Collina for standing up to this lying, blood sucking, scamming, ambulance chasing, scummy person who calls himself E. Timothy McCullough, Attorney at Law

to Anonymous #1399934

LOL...sounds like you actually know him...are you an ex wife or client????

to Anonymous #1401590


to Anonymous #1400677

I am liking what I am reading! Thanks for the support guys!

With your support these greedy people will be shown for what they are, greedy, selfish, slanderous dirt bags. Thanks for the support.

to Anonymous #1400829

We want thank you friends and neighbors for the comments of support for us and coming out against the person (Timothy McCullough) who selfishly for his own personal gain brought about this abusive and fraudulent legal complaint against us. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

to RFG #1402429

Has anyone figured why this clown is doing this? How has he practiced law for so long pulling stunts like this?


I am a resident of Bella Collina and saw this apology posted on the Bella Collina Facebook and Twitter pages. I am an ardent supporter of Bella Collina and it’s owners as I know they have worked hard to turn Bella Collina around.

My husband and I are both accountants by training and were approached early on by this group and listened to their allegations against DCS which owns Bella Collina. When looking at their “proof”; we found the allegations completely preposterous at best.

The Lawyer who was the ring leader was the most idiotic individual we have ever seen and it makes total sense that he would hook up with these nutters. I am happy to see our friends at DCS slicing and dicing this group of liars up.

to Happy Bella Collina Owners #1396006

We stayed away as well and very happy for it. The whole story they presented was preposterous at best. I would not want to be the people that stayed in and going down with a ship that is not only sinking, it’s on fire.


Finally the folks at Bella Collina are catching a break and it is nice to see them vindicated from the horrible lies and defamation that this man and his crazy clients cooked up for pure greed. I know these people who own Bella Collina and I know the true story about the owners turned the place around and this group of crazies has tried to smear thier good image. This lawyer and his clients are bad people who do nothing but lie, lie, and lie some more.

to Another BC supporter #1393617

This so called lawyer is a good old fashioned SCAMMER, nothing more, nothing less. He tried to scam my wife by trying to get us involved in a case our friends lost $ on. Avoid him at all costs.


Whoa...”fake” lawsuits. Imagine that.


Sounds like an "I'm sorry, don't sue me" apology. I bet they were told a bunch of bunk from the lawyer, and now see the writing on the wall. I wonder if he even sees it?

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