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I would like to thank all of our friends and neighbors at Bella Collina who have posted comments of support and back us 100 percent in our defense of these crazy litigation attacks by Orlando Lawyer Timothy McCullough of McCullough and Mitchell, P.A. Our friends and neighbors at Bella Collina know that Timothy McCullough, the lawyer who filed this slanderous, baseless, and fraudulent actions against us, did so for his own personal and selfish gains.

From what we have been told, he was hoping for a big payout by filing a nuisance complaint against us. He also assumed that by making wild accusations against us, we would want it to go away quickly by writing him a big check. Timothy McCullough could not have been more wrong. Apparently in the past, these kinds of shake downs may have worked for him.

However, with us, we don’t back down from a fight to defend our good names and reputations. As I have posted his former client’s apology letter on this website and others, please note that Mr. McCullough has lost 4 out of 7 of his original plantiffs in his sham “case” against us. He has also lost on virtually everything to date in the Federal Court case styled as CSBS v.

Dwight C. Schar, et al.

He has also lost on all of the identical state cases as well. Once again, thanks for the kind words of support and the statements about standing up to fraudulent and abusive litigation upon anyone, anywhere.

Reason of review: Fraudulent & Abusive Litigation .

I didn't like: Fraudulent claims, Malicious litigation, Hiding behind litigation privilege, Lying to clients, Baseless claims.

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He just caught recently forging a clients signature on a false affidavit, then notarized it, and then filed the false affidavit in the case of Bella Collina v. James Shelton in the Lake County Courts.

Three felonies Mr McCullough plus a misdemeanor for notarizing your own forgery!

My prediction: The Florida Bar is going to strip you of your license to practice law and a little jail time! Have fun you clown!


Awesome!!! BC is beautiful, and shouldn't have it ruined by these epic ***.


Looking at all these posts, I do think there is a conspiracy going on... McCullough and Co.

file this lawsuit. Don Juravin who's not even formally involved in the lawsuit, piles on by waging a smear campaign against Bella Collina and specific individuals.

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to make the connection that these two idiots are obviously working together.

There's your conspiracy.

to Clifford #1402037

Hey Clifford, you are spot on with this one. We know for a fact about the connection as Don Karl Juravin and his lawyer Glenn Reid were pursuing new clients to join the McCullough sham lawsuit which is now officially a fiasco, so typical.

As a matter of fact, there is a sworn affidavit from a resident stating just that.

Thank god this resident actually was smart enough to see that this sham lawsuit is full of fantasy and is nothing more than a shake down on the developer and the POA. Thanks for the support Clifford and hope all is well with you and your family at Bella Collina.


I hope this sham lawsuit loss is the nail in the coffin for McCullough. He's done this before and lost. He cant be allowed to continue this stuff..


It's frustrating they have been getting away with attacking Bella Collina, Randall Greene, Schar and others for so long! I hope they get a healthy dose of Karma!!


I have been occasionally checking up on this whole thing off and on this year, and I'm glad the parties getting trolled with conspiracy theories are starting to stand up for themselves, and exposing this crap as a shakedown!


The post here was written by Randall F. Greene of Bella Collina and I stand by this post.

We at Bella Collina thank everyone for the support you have given us. For more info on this outrageous legal complaint and others filed by Tim McCullough, please feel free to call me at 407.469.4000.

to RFG #1401421

Hi Randall, we do support you guys 100 % !!!! My husband know that the HOA and the DCS folks have done a great job cleaning up Bella Collina and have sacrificed a lot to get to where we are. Please stay strong and keep up the great work!!!!

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