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We were directly solicited by letter from this firm and it's partner Timothy McCullough who is the older lawyer in the firm. So we get a letter from this guy who says we have been scammed and abused by the developer of the community we live in and we have a right to sue for damages under Florida law.

He also told us that he had insider details of the fraud and that he was prepared to try this case and that he felt so sorry for the little guy getting crushed by these big bad developers. Shockingly, until I got the letter, I actually thought that nothing happened at all between us and the developer. Well guess what? We lost the case and there actually was nothing going on and this shyster of lawyer was so full ***.

Back to when we signed on though, this guy stopped telling us what was going on once he got our check...imagine that??!!! Do yourself a favor and stay away from these guys and don't make the same very expensive mistake that we and others have made and paid dearly for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mccullough And Mitchell Legal Service.

Reason of review: Lawyer lied to us and others.

I didn't like: Tim mccullough lying, Tim mccullough bad lawyer, Tim mccullough lied to judge.

  • Mccullough And Mitchell Orlando
  • Castle And Cook
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Pogo does not like dishonest lawyers.

to Pogo #1484558

How is this guy still practicing law? Also, it seems that he could possibly be facing jail time for the felonies? Right????


I read this lawsuit. His "insider info" is LAUGHABLE!


Looks like this joke of a lawyer is angry that he got called out on his past record. I looked it up and other websites have published multiple complaints about him.


The Plaintiffs in the case of CSBS, et al. v.

Dwight C. Schar, et al. in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Civil Action No.

5:17-CV-86-OC-40-PRL issue a subpoena to Pissed Consumers for the identity of all individuals who posted reviews or comments concerning McCullough and Mitchell.

These posts and comments are fraudulent and criminal in nature. If you are the reviewer or commenter of these posts, you must quash this subpoena or your identity will be revealed.

to User_122017 #1390361

How much more bizzare will this guys story get now? I can’t wait to see what he files.

Chances are that it will be as crazy as all of the other actions he has filed.

He is a shake down artist through and through and hides behind litigation privilege to smear other folk’s reputations. It looks like to me that quite a few people are angry with him and taking his lame butt to task for all of the messes he has made.

to User_122017 #1396913

Tim, you are a joke. Are you serious?

Hey, wait a second, yes, this nonsense is so you. Keep making us laugh Tim, like the clown you are.

to User_122017 #1401680

What an idiot. He has tried to ruin our community with his stupid claims and we are glad we stayed out.

We support Bella Collina and it’s owners because they have done a great job. I think he will get what he deserves and I hope the bella guys stay strong and kick his butt in court

to User_122017 #1404035

Keep dreaming ***. Your obviously good at it based on the BS lawsuit your obsessed with pursuing. You are NOWHERE near as smart as you think you are.

to Tim #1418301

Believe me, I know him, he is not that smart at all

to User_122017 #1420089

And how did this work out for you User_122017???


You put your full faith and trust in someone you didn't know to in an attempt to squeeze money for some previously unknown (to you) scenario from somebody with whom you previously conducted apparently satisfactory business.

Did you conduct any independent research about any aspect of this ?

You deserved to lose and I hope it cost you money.

North Salt Lake, Utah, United States #1356358

Lawyers are blood suckers who cheat an steal money from people who don't do their jobs. Unless your wealthy, then it doesn't matter because they'll steal from them also and the mob will bury them in the desert.

The rest of the population low class according to them and that's why the get away with the evil they do and we pay the price by law. 2 different standards of law with these blood suckers. When you can't pay any more, these blood suckers, don't show up to court, have time to speak with you, nor show up to court.

I call them the low class trash. Don't worry the mob will thin them out.

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