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Watch out people and do your research before you hire a lawyer.In recent court filings in Lake County Florida, case number 35-2013-CA-002108, Ex-clients ( Michael Choo, CS Business Systems) with thier new lawyers have submitted sworn affidavits to the court saying that Orlando Lawyer Tim McCullough was advised in late December 2017 that they would NOT sign an affidavit that Tim McCullough wanted them to sign on the advice of thier new lawyers and the fact that the ex-clients were over 2000 miles away in San Francisco and not in the presence of McCullough.

Tim McCullough then proceeded to sign the document posing as the ex client.

McCullough further attests in the forgered affidavit that his ex-client signed it in his presence in Orlando, when they were actually in San Francisco. To make matters much worse in this forgery case, he notarized his own forgery! To make matters even worse, he filed it in case!

That’s 3 felonies and at least one misdemeanor as notaries are forbidden under Florida Law from notarizing their own signatures, much less a forgery....LOL!

Guys, sites like are exceptionaly important to us as consumers so bad behavior like this can be put out there so you don’t get snookered like others have been.All documents uploaded here were taken out of the public record.

Reason of review: McCullough forged and notarized legal documents.

I didn't like: Lying to judges, Forging legal documents, Fraud, Fraud upon the court.

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Ah!!!!! This train called the “McCullough Express” is off the tracks! LOL


E. Timothy McCullough is a nutter, plain and simple. Bye, Bye!

to Nigel #1468101

He is F’d!


Tim , get used to hearing, Felon felon felon felon felon felon felon felon felon felon felon felon and so on and so on...........

to Anonymous #1467273

How is this *** still practicing law? I would think that this guy may get a few months in the old county jail for this. I hope he makes friends in their pretty fast....LOL!

to Anonymous #1467763



Whoa!This guy approached my wife about joining this lawsuit.

I am really, really glad we called *** on this guy.I was talking with a former resident who actually said this lawyer was trying to pay him to testify for him which is illegal.My prediction is that this clown will be disbarred and maybe do some time, or at least get probation for the felonies.


Obviously just another slimy lawyer


Wow. Desperate much?


Really bad guy, what else can be said? I think the court, the bar and the state’s attorneys office will have their way with him. I hope he has retained a good lawyer as he is going to need it.

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