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TIMOTHY MCCULLOUGH is a lawyer in Orlando to be wary of. He is known for filing crazy lawsuits against big developers hoping for a big payday. Most of his complaints should be used as toilet paper. Please lookup online in the Orange County Fl Circut Court this legal malpractice case against him; David T Mcloskey, Richard Felenstein, Christopher Walker MD vs E.

Timothy McCullough and his very sad little law firm. Tim solicited these clients to file a bogus claim against a large developer called Castle & Cook. They hired Tim and Tim filed the suit. Like a ***, Tim did not research the statue of limitations that applied to the case, as it had run out 8 months prior to him soliciting the clients.

Tim also withheld that sanctions were filed against him by the other side, C&C. So, when they LOST the case, the poor people that E. TIMOTHY MCCULLOUGH solicited to file this case, had to pay all of the other side's fees and expenses. So they filed a malpractice claim against E.

TIMOTHY MCCULLOUGH and won against him. The case was filed in November of 2013. E. TIMOTHY MCCULLOUGH also withheld information that he filed bankruptcy as well.

Now it appears that E. TIMOTHY MCCULLOUGH has filed another bogus case against another very, very large and well respected developer, DCS Real Estate Holdings, Dwight C. Schar , Paul Simonson, Randall F. Greene and others alleging the same garbage.

They have no idea that they have just poked at a sleeping bear.They are going to shread this guy and his dumb clients to bits.

Review about: Mccullough And Mitchell Legal Service.

Reason of review: Legal malpractice claims against him.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

I didn't like: Withholding information on legal malpractice claims against him, Bad info, Shotgun pleadings, Lying to clients, Bankruptcy filings in the past.


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Mr Lawyer, really hard to see how this review is remotely fraudulent as it says it is the subjective opinion of the person who posted this.Also, I am having trouble seeing in the other posts or re posts how those are considered fraudulent as the complaint that was posted has your firm’s name on it as well as you personally and it looks like you lost.

Please explain.I can’t wait to hear the spin on this one.


The Plaintiffs in the case of CSBS, et al.v.

Dwight C. Schar, et al. in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Civil Action No.

5:17-CV-86-OC-40-PRL issue a subpoena to Pissed Consumers for the identity of all individuals who posted reviews or comments concerning McCullough and Mitchell.

These posts and comments are fraudulent and criminal in nature.If you are the reviewer or commenter of these posts, you must quash this subpoena or your identity will be revealed.

to User_122017 #1390998

What a tard

to User_122017 #1391545

Having trouble seeing how this post is fraudulent??It sounds to me like the reviewer is merely stating his or her opinion of you as a lawyer.

How are you exempt from someone saying publicly how they feel about you and your performance as a lawyer? It seems odd that you claim fraud when they pulled documents from the public record.

Can’t anyone have access to the public record?Maybe I am missing something...please enlighten me.

to User_122017 #1396008

Is this guy serious?

to User_122017 #1397520

Oooooooo, I’m sooooooooo scared! LOL

to User_122017 #1404046

You are a hypocrite. Sounds like you all drank too much of your own cool-aid, and that your all just a bunch of crazy people convincing each other in this "conspiracy", when you guys ARE the conspiracy.

Windermere, Florida, United States #1334080

Man, I am glad I saw this. I alomost signed up. Whoa!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1333887

This guy is a nutty lawyer and we reviewed his case and decided that this was one of the worst cases ever seen, very sloppy and no back up. He will need all of the luck he can get on this one

Orlando, Florida, United States #1333232

Awful guy...lies like nothing I have ever seen. Very well known for doling out bad advice

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