The Plaintiffs in the case of CSBS, et al. v.

Dwight C. Schar, et al. in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Civil Action No.

5:17-CV-86-OC-40-PRL issue a subpoena to Pissed Consumers for the identity of all individuals who posted reviews or comments concerning McCullough and Mitchell. These posts and comments are fraudulent and criminal in nature.

If you are the reviewer or commenter of these posts, you must quash this subpoena or your identity will be revealed. Failure to take legal action to quash this subpoena will result in disclosure of the identity of those who created these reviews and comments.

Reason of review: Site used to further a criminal enterprise by posting fraudulent reviews and comments.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: take legal action against fraudulent posters.

  • Subpoena Warning
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Hey McCullough! How did you do with this one???!!!!!??? LOL!!!!!!!


This guy is a first class idiot of the highest order ! I bet he will claim insanity and desperation when cries in front of the judge asking for mercy. New job for McCullough, jail house lawyer!


I read in the Orlando Sentinel that McCullough got blown out of the water by the judge in the Federal case for filing a unwieldy shotgun pleading. He and his clients are going to owe big $$$$ to Bella Collina.


Hey Mr. McCullough, please post an update on how this subpoena and the lawsuit have progressed.

From what we are reading, it does sound good. Nevertheless, we would like to hear it from you.




Mr. McCullough, why did you forge a false affidavit with an ex-client’s signature knowing full well that the ex-client advised you in writing of his refusal to sign the affidavit?

Why did you notarize your forgery? Why did you submit the notarized forgery to the court ?

YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT AGAIN!I am afraid you won’t be lying your way out of this one! LOL!

to Anonymous #1461127

He will be charged with at least a couple of felonies and have to pay a very high price for the forgery. I don’t know if he will do time, but he will certainly be permanently disbarred.

to Anonymous #1461242

He is a to be disbarred lawyer and future felon. What a loser

to Anonymous #1461740

Lake County Florida Circut Court case number 35-2013-CA-002108

to Anonymous #1461768

Pogo no like the bad lawyer, go Pogo!


What a loser

to Pogo #1453214

Spot on Pogo!

to Pogo #1461765

Pogo, you bad


I actually heard from one of the people involved that the complaint was tossed out because it was put together so badly. What a charlatan this guy McCullough is


Hey Tim! I heard your complaint got dismissed !!!

What happened there big guy?.. hmmmm I know what happened and so do you.

to Anonymous #1445394

This guy is a total ambulance chaser ! I read a review from 2012 that complained about them losing the lawsuit and he never shared any of the details with his clients. I am completely shocked he is still practicing law!


Timothy McCullough is a first class idiot to be quite blunt. I have never seen someone who is so into outlandish conspiracy theories and gladly promotes them publicly to anyone.

It is funny when he is on his soap box trying to get more people to join his lawsuit against DCS and most people with good sense and brains actually walk away laughing. It’s sad that he does not realize what a fool he sounds like.

My wife and are quite happy with Bella Collina and the turn around they have made. Thanks Bella Collina!

to Anonymous #1430202

I think it is hilarious that this guy presses on... we talk about it after we get POA updates at the club and it is almost baffling how screwy their theories and claims are.

I guess the judge will figure it out because this angers us as residents because it is effecting our values in a negative way. I think that most people see this for what it is and it will be just a blip on the radar screen.


Hey Timothy McCullough, you sound pretty angry! I would be pretty embarrassed as well because it looks like you got called out big time!

to Anonymous #1431300

This guy is a joke

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